Saturday, November 25, 2006

BNP targeting local schools, say police

Another example of the "Thought Police" shamelessly attacking a legitimate political party.

A SENIOR police officer has warned right wing groups are targeting schoolchildren following the huge influx of migrant workers into the area.

Inspector Glynn Hookings, community safety officer for Wiltshire Police, said the British National Party had been handing out literature to vulnerable youngsters at secondary schools and colleges across west and north Wiltshire, including Trowbridge.

Insp Hookings said leaflet campaigns by the BNP had been targeting youngsters, prompting students, parents and the schools to raise concerns.

"They have not done anything illegal but there is a danger, particularly in the run-up to the local elections, that any political parties might use the issue of migrant workers, because it is a relatively new phenomenon for us," he said.

If they have done nothing illegal what on earth is it to do with the police?

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shieldwall said...

I wonder if the "police" would be concerned if it was a different political party handing out leaflets,hardly a crime is it,they should concentrate on REAL crime then people would have confidence in them again.

dizzyfatplonka said...

Besides where are his concerns over our governments education policies, that targets the young minds of children in our schools. Now Mr Blair has agreed to give Pakistan millions of our taxpayers pounds to stop teaching children too ate us, where is the coppers concerns over the appearance of Islamic faith schools in Britain.

They are just all a load of two faced hypocrites, on a looser because the general public with a brain do not trust a last one of them anymore.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

"" If they have done nothing illegal what on earth is it to do with the police? ""


Phil said...

He wants a Knighthood but cant afford to buy one in the New Labour way so he's pole dancing for Tony instead.

Anonymous said...

No future for your children unless you vote BNP. Simple, really.

Anonymous said...

look at his face he knows he **** up but still nothing is said or done
in his proffesional capacity he's not paid to voice his opinions but to uphold the law and leave politics to politician's

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