Sunday, January 07, 2007

Boy banged up for booting ball

A BOY of 15 was arrested and thrown in a cell after his football hit a neighbour’s car.

Ashley Gallagher was sharing a kickaround in the street with his brother and pals when he says a gust of wind blew the ball into the new Vauxall Astra.

Owner Nathan Jubb called police, who nicked Ashley on suspicion of criminal damage.

The frightened youngster was read his rights in his kitchen before being taken into custody at Stroud police station, Gloucs.

He was locked up for an hour before dad Stephen collected him. Ashley had to return next day and was formally interviewed then freed on police bail.

Dad Stephen, 41, said yesterday: “I just couldn’t believe it — the police were so heavy-handed. They even took his laces off him in case he hanged himself. It was ridiculous.”

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Compare the above story with the following:

Two criminals caught on CCTV cameras vandalising cars in a city street have not been taken to court to face prosecution - because police said they were "unemployed foreign nationals" and it would cost too much to bring them to justice.

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Wecome to Britanistan!


dizzyfatplonka said...

It just all beggars belief mate, ive left my final word with Andrew the tory he is asking for you. Make short work of the babbling fool ;-D

Anonymous said...

The criminal justice system is stupid beyond belief. Where are their priorities?

shieldwall said...

absolutely incredible,but sadly comes as no surprise.Oh the joys of modern Britain.The trend cannot continue,there will be a backlash surely!.

blueboy said...

I saw that story, you could not make it up.When will the people rise up and take our country back.vist my site from the 8th, i am back up and running.;

Anonymous said...

The mail have removed the article, I wonder why?

Murray The Magic Cat said...

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