Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Police refuse to chase 'helmetless' bike thieves

A mother has spoken of her fury after police refused to chase her sons' stolen motorbikes — because the thieves weren't wearing helmets.

Pauline Nolan, of Droylsden, Greater Manchester, claims traffic officers told her they could not pursue the pair in case they fell off and sued the police force.

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Anonymous said...

I have to say this isn't exactly a 'new' policy. I heard about it about two years ago in the Avon police force area. A chap walked down the road from his house to the shops and on the way back saw his scooter being ridden past him by some thieving oik(s). He actually found a couple of coppers but they refused to give chase on the grounds that if the (helmetless) thieving scum fell off and hurt their poor little heads they could sue the force. So the victim was left watching his property being stolen while the policemen whose wages he was paying through his council tax stood by and let them go.

It never used to be like that.

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