Friday, March 02, 2007

Police 'too busy' to attend after attack on home

While a gang of youths tried to smash their way into an elderly persons' residential home in Warwick, police said they were too busy to come and investigate.

Three helpless members of staff were working at Woodside in Spinney Hill when the building was set upon by the group at about 1.30am on Sunday morning.

After trying, and failing, to kick the door they prised drainpipes off the side of the building and used them to smash the windows in attempt to gain entry. After a a few minutes the gang ran off - but not because police were on their way. Officers did not turn up to answer the emergency calls until ten hours after they were made.

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johnofgwent said...

At the risk of making a 'me too' post... Been here, worn the tee shirt. A group of oiks WELL over the age of 18 went into the local 'Spar', bought up a load of bottles of cheap martini, swigged the lot between them and started having some fun. In their view 'fun' meant beating the cr*p out of each other and smashing the bottles over the back of my car parked in my driveway.

When their punch-up started getting to the point where bodies were being thrown through my fence panels, I'd had enough. But a call to the local (Gwent) police force was met with an apology that there were no resources available to deal with the incident at the time.

So I went into the garage and came out with a lump hammer and a motorbike chain.

The louts scattered to the four winds just at the sight of me.

One was so eager to flee he fell down an old embankment of a railway line closed by Beeching in the 50's and either killed himself or knocked himself out because he wasn't moving but i was bu**ered if I was risking my neck to go down and see what the problem was. So I called the plod back and told them. They never came round for him either.

I complained to my (new labaah shortlisted woman aparatchick) MP and she did bug*** all too

Murray The Magic Cat said...

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