Thursday, May 31, 2007

Man accused of racism over gollywog on car bumper

Burger bar boss Chris Brown is being investigated by police for driving around in his Land Rover with a gollywog fixed to the front bumper.

A neighbour reported him for racist behaviour and two officers called round to his home, took snaps of the car and seized the soft toy.

Mr Brown, who was out on a motorbike ride when his gollywog was removed on Sunday, claims he now faces being prosecuted on a public order charge.

He has blasted the police action as "political correctness gone mad".

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Jackie said...

Yet another example of PC Madness! I loved my gollywogs and collected loads of badges from Robertsons Jam pity I dont have them now as I would wear a them all on my jacket. The UK is a joke now hence why we moved abroad

Red Squirrel said...

I used to have a golly! my daughter has one now. The police should be solving crime, not going around bothering folk for having golliwogs, piggybanks and whatever!
Real policing would also include sorting out the feral gangs that roam our streets!

anonymousterry said...

Maybe the cops who seized the offending 'Golliwog' were reminded of one of thier colleagues. Terry

Murray The Magic Cat said...

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