Friday, July 27, 2007

Policeman 'passed over for promotion because he was white'

A white policeman has begun a racial discrimination claim after an Asian colleague was promoted ahead of him.

Peter Richmond, 44, says he was next in line for the high-profile role of inspector in one of the country's most racially divided inner-city areas.

But senior officers ignored force protocol and promoted Kash Singh ahead of him as a "token representative", he told an employment tribunal.

Mr Richmond, who has 25 years' service, said he was among 20 sergeants selected by West Yorkshire Police for promotion to inspector in October 2005, but by last July was one of three who had not been given a promotion.

Mr Singh was selected for inspector in June 2006. Force protocol dictates that those still to receive their placement must take precedence over those on the next list, but instead Mr Singh was given the job.

He accused the district commander, Chief Superintendent Allan Doherty, of choosing Mr Singh as an Asian figurehead to try to improve relations in the Manningham area of Bradford, which was hit by race riots in 1995 and 2001.

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