Friday, September 21, 2007

Boy waves AK47 on platform

A SCHOOLBOY points an AK47 assault rifle — while waiting for a TRAIN.

The lad, aged about 14, was seen loading ammunition before calmly aiming the weapon at terrified onlookers.

A workman who was targeted called cops — but incredibly they decided an armed response vehicle was NOT needed.

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Anonymous said...

It is an airsoft rifle. it shoots plastic 7mm spheres at 400-500 fps.It is less dangerous than a pellet pistol.

Dan said...
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police force jobs said...

It's just so sad to know that children nowadays already know how to pull the trigger of any rifle. As a parent, I do believe that one of the factors that lead these kids to become violent people is because of the online/ LAN games that are circulating in the market/ internet. Hope the government has to find ways on how to stop/ minimise these violent games.